Training Philosophy

Aggressive offers an inclusive fitness program that incorporates training principles from numerous training methods. We consider our system to be Strength and Conditioning program that uses CrossFit as a resource as well as several other influences, such as traditional bodybuilding and endurance training. The key word is “SYSTEM” as in a group of ideals and factors that work in synergy and complement each other to provide a desired result or function.

We believe that a true training program cannot be random or left to chance. Everything must be done with a purpose, always working towards an end goal. Our system involves and takes into account the three metabolic pathways, also known as energy systems, and trains each of them individually.

All three of these energy systems (Creatine Phosphate (CP), Lactate/Anaerobic, and Oxidative/Aerobic) are periodized in a fashion that makes sense, and is logical. Our athletes are involved in the process of learning and understanding what they’re doing, why they’re doing it, and what we hope to accomplish by doing it. Therefore, a key component to what we do is an educational piece so that our athletes (and yes, everyone that enters our gym is considered an athlete regardless of level) actually learn how to train, rather than just walking in and doing what they’re told without ever making any sense of it. All of this comes together through the use of constantly varied functional movements that keep workouts fresh and fun.

We also offer nutrition advice and life coaching, as these are integral aspects to true health and fitness. One only spends one to two hours a day in the gym, so special attention should be given to remainder of the day so that our lifestyle is in sync to our training regime and conducive to our health and fitness goals.

Our Facility

Aggressive is conveniently located in the heart of San Juan. It’s merely a one block walk from the Santurce train and bus stations and only a few steps from Universidad del Sagrado Corazón. For tourists or business travelers, we are 1 mile off Condado and about 4 miles from the airport and Isla Verde hotels.

Our facility is a 7, 000 square foot space, divided in several sections to accommodate our different programs. Our main training area is where all classes take place, but, we also have a separate, fully equipped space that is available all day long for our open gym athletes. All of our equipment is top notch Rogue gear, so athletes need not worry about anything other than training hard. Our staff is composed of very outgoing trainers that are extremely passionate about fitness, and even more so about seeing changes and improvement in those whom they train. There are two showers for men and two showers for women. So training early and heading straight to work is not a problem.

We recently installed Wodify in the box to help athletes stay connected to the community even during the hours that they are not in the gym. It also does wonders for tracking performance and personal goals, therefore providing an unparalleled tool in improving performance.

We’re always fully stocked with t shirts, WOD shorts, hand grips, wrist wraps, jump ropes, supplements, bars…you name it! Feel free to drop by for an orientation of our program. It’s the best way to capture the full magnitude of who we are and what we do.

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